How to talk about what you do & learn to love presenting

When you’ve asked someone about what they do – have you ever heard a long complicated explanation and still not quite understanding what they do?

Talking about what you offer can be more difficult than it seems,  speaking about what you do becomes a very big part of the world of managing a business. Whether it is speaking to a group , speaking to suppliers or speaking with clients or at networking meetings.

How to talk about what you do & learn to love presenting details the fundamentals of talking about what you do so it is clear when delivering a presentation or even talking to one person. It gives the attendees an understanding of what audiences are wanting from their presenter – and it doesn’t matter about the size of the audience.

Finding out what audiences are wanting really assists the presenter – this presentation will give ideas and approaches to really build rapport and connect – which is so important in the business world.

Process, People, Productivity and Profit

So why in business are the 4 P’s – Process, People , Productivity and Profit so important?

Businesses do not exist with just good products. It doesn’t matter how fantastic the product is if the marketing and processes are not in place the product will not sell.

It is essential to be able to connect with the customers who need your service and who’s problem you solve. So having a sound marketing process is essential, as well as a number of others – sales, logistics, customer service, human resources, warehousing, finances and so on.

If you have good people around you supporting your vision, then the business will grow. The business is dependant on having skilled and positive people who understand their roles and the processes they are expected to undertake. Having the right people “on the bus” is important.

Productivity will increase by having good systems in place, detailing the activities along with the right people who share your vision and are positive and supportive. A combination of sound processes and the right people will increase productivity and support the business to achieve the goals in place.

Profit will follow by having the sound business processes, the right people and the efficiencies in the productivity. Having the business running as a well oiled machine will ultimately result in higher profits as the business is running efficently.

So the aim is to have the processes (in all areas of the business) running well, the right people sharing the same vision executing the work and working efficiently with high productivity.

So the 4 P’s – Process, People, Productivity and Profit combine together to create the business you are wanting. Are your 4 P’s ideal or are there areas to address?

That’s where an Implementation Strategist will focus – helping business owners to achieve the profit they desire by developing their processes, people and productivity.

An Implementation Strategist helps professionals to make things happen and move forward. Ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on for more details.

The 4 P’s to an Implementation Strategy

What makes an Implementation Strategist different to coaches, trainers and even mentors ?

An Implementation Strategist identifies what are the underlying challenges, hurdles and problems being faced by the business and works out strategies with the business owner to grow the business. What differentiates an Implementation Strategist from coaches, trainers and mentors, is they are willing to go the extra mile  and roll up their sleeves and get the jobs done.  Make it happen!

How incredibly supportive and useful to a business owner is having an Implementation Strategist in your court?

So what are the areas that an Implementation Strategist works ?

The main focus of an Implementation Strategist is on business growth.  Utilising multiple areas including a powerful marketing system BookYourselfSolid and a continuous improvement approach along with accountability.

The four areas that the Implementation Strategist will take into account are :

1. People – looking at the support the business owner has to achieve the desired goals.
2. Process – assessing the processes in place (or lack of processes)
3. Productivity – looking at what is being achieved and what needs improving.
4. Profit – assessing the profitability and and areas for growth.

The main focus of an Implementation Strategist is to help the business owner identify strategies and ensures the work gets done. This approach has a strong continuous improvement philosophy of building on what is in place, identifying what is working and what needs addressing and then introducing improvements to increase awareness of the business, increase efficiencies and helping the business run successfully.

The benefits to the business owner are:

  • growth in the bottom line
  • relief in seeing projects completed
  • having time to get their won work done
  • enjoying seeing systems working and supporting the business.
  • And so much more…..

So when you are run off your feet with so much to do, not knowing what to do first, wanting to grow the business but don’t have enough hours in the day. Consider a new approach, call for an Implementation Strategist.

An Implementation Strategist helps professionals to make things happen and move forward. Ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on for more details.



How can an Implementation Strategist help any size enterprise?

How can an Implementation Strategist help any size enterprise?

You run your own business, you want to grow – have you thought of putting on an Implementation Strategist?

Ok, so you haven’t heard the term “Implementation Strategist” before – what is an Implementation Strategist ?  And why do I need one to grow my business?

So there’s not enough hours in the day, you’re working long hours and could be some inefficiencies in your business and processes that if looked at could be improved and made more efficient helping you make more money. You’re wanting more clients, more income and want to grow. You are lacking time, overwhelmed and simply there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Staff are doing their part but really some important business decisions are needed and you’re running around putting out fires!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had some one willing to roll up their sleeves and help you?  Someone who can look at what needs to be done and sets about and gets it done?

Wouldn’t that be so good?

Well that is what an Implementation Strategist does.

An Implementation Strategist is a highly skilled professional who has a unique set of skills across business development, marketing, system and process improvement. This professional will be your right hand aid identifying what is needed to be done and rolling those sleeves up and doing it.

An Implementation Strategist is not a coach and not someone who does an assessment, leaves you with a report and the report sits on the shelf never implemented. However, an Implementation Strategist does do those activities just as a part of the work to help their clients make major leaps forward to grow their business.

The end result of enlisting an Implementation Strategist is :

  • Growth in the bottom line – the business profits will increase dramatically
  • You will be less stressed, starting to address the areas that you wanted to work on but never could , the days wont be filled with so much that you end up overwhelmed not knowing what to do next.
  • Your business processes will run more smoothly, the impact on customer service will be significant – customers will enjoy the service. Projects will get completed.
  • You will be able to feel more connected with your clients and staff and start to enjoy and build bonds wiwthin your community.
  • You will be starting to complete projects and make headway.

So what does an Implementation Strategist do:

An Implementation Strategist helps business owners by-

Plan – finds out the issues
Do – does the work to address the issue
Check – measures the impact
Act – makes any necessary improvements and then starts again

Getting Results

Doing the work to make things happen

Closingthe gap between from not working to excellence

Implementation Strategists come in and get the work done.

Work in the areas of marketing, business growth, business systems, accountability.

IMplementation Strategists are NOT:

 – Coaches – but they do coach clients
– Trainers – but they do train clients and staff
– Report writers who leave you with a long list of tasks

IMplementation Strategists:
Roll up there sleeves and get the jobs done that are needed –

From website upgrades
marketing copy
logo creation
system development
problem solving
Project management from start to completion

Discuss a problem with an Implementation Strategist , ask them to get the work done and they will get on and help you get the job done.

They don’t always do the work themselves – they come with a team of experts – who they involve to solve the issue. They project manage the task – so you can do your work and know the completion of the work is in good hands.

Examples of the work Implementation Strategists do are –

  1. Business Issue Improvement
    – you ask an Implementation STrategist to address the issue –
    – an assessment of the issue will be done,
    – strategies and plans to improve the situation will be determined.
    – the strategies and plans will be actioned
    – the issue will be resolved

  2. Project Management – as a business owner you may have some big ideas and concepts that will add real value to your business. These improvements just dont get done because of the day to day activities.So what does an Implementation Strategist do:- Discusses with the owner the project
    – plans out what needs to be done to make it happen
    – Other professionals may be brought in who are specialists in their field – depending on the tasks
    – the project is managed to make it happen!
  3. Process Improvement

    A business depends on the systems in place to run efficiently and ultimately make more money. If the systems are out of date, staff dont know the systems, the systems are being followed or if there aren’t clear systems in place – there will be inefficiencies and costs will be higher.
    So what does an Implementation Strategist do
    – an audit will be done on the area that is struggling
    – the system will be investigated to see what changes are required
    – the system will be documented
    – The staff involved will be trained so they understand the new system
    – check that the system is in place and working well.

4. Marketing and Business Development

Business growth is always on a business owners mind. IMplementing marketing or improving marketing will grow the business. With Digital marketing being so important and a website essential as well as more traditional methods of increasing awareness of businesses, implementing a marketing system is valuable.

So what does an Implementation Strategist do:

– an audit will be done on the area that is struggling
– the system will be investigated to see whas working, what needs improving using the pwerful marketing system BookYourselfSolid.
– Tasks will be done to make these improvements

The difference is that an Implementation Strategist helps professionals to make things happen and move forward. Ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on for more details.

Interesting Marketing Blogs to follow

Finding content for regular posting on social media can be a challenge, especially if your wanting a strong presence on a specific topic. Posting others blogs shows the topic you are interested in and really shows you are an authorative on this area , knowledgeable about what others are posting. It keeps you and your audience current.

Here are the methods and blogs I follow:

  1. Google Alerts – choose your topic and get regular listing of content online. This is a great method to get content that you can post that’s on your topic of expertise.
  2. BookYourselfSolid Blog – here you will get valuable information on all sorts of areas to do with business but with a marketing focus to help you raise awareness of your business.  BookYourselfSolid coaches and graduates post on their speciality.
  3. The Social Media Examiner is a fabulous resource on digital marketing – this is brilliant to follow , learn about Social Media platforms and how the best handle digital marketing –
  4. For Content Marketing – the Content Marketing Institute has an enormous amount of topics and content – everything to do with content marketing –
  5. For video – REELSEO is excellent – here’s there Youtube channel – every possible topic – an enormous amount to look through –
  6. For online marketing – the Lead Pages guys are experts – lots of training information –
  7. The Inc. Magazine is brilliant –
  8. For more content –! is a curated content –
  9. The Huffington Post is a valuable resource –

Here’s a great selection – it’s good idea to list your own content marketing articles – for your learning and for posting online. Buyers are the most educated they have ever been and this is how they are doing this by looking online and finding out how to do what they desire.

Adrienne McLean  offers group training and one-on-one consultations to assist small business owners with getting more clients. Speak with Adrienne McLean on
0414 367 960 or email” for more details.

5 Quick Tips to Improve your Marketing

We’re all looking for fast ways to improve our marketing and yet not take huge amounts of time away from helping our clients – Here’s 5 Quick Tips to Improve your Marketing

  1. Every day ring someone on your database and say hello!Catch up, see whats happening in their world , you can talk about whats happening for you but don’t bombard them with a sales pitch. Building the relationship is important thing –
  2. Make an effort and look for individuals who can help you grow your business. Then, find ways to meet them or be introduced to them. You may be able to meet them at a networking function or an event. Once contact is made work at growing your connection with this person, getting to know them and gently letting them know abut what you are doing and aiming to achieve.
  3. Give someone some business – introduce two people who you know who may be able to help each other. This shows you are as a leader, as a go to person who can assist others.
  4. Create some content – prepare a blog, video or social media post. Regularly prepare content that can be sent out to your clients or posted on social media. This will build up your speciality in an area and you can inform your clients and wider audience. Quality is important, connecting the content with your audience is also important and you can build yourself a niche being the expert in that field.
  5. Send 3 people an email , sharing compassion, sharing some information that you know they will be interested in and you can share about what you are doing at the moment. Again, don’t make it “salesy” – its to be friendly and connecting you with your network.

These marketing tips are not time consuming but will raise awareness of your business, build connects and relationships with your audience and develop you as an expert in your field. You can choose the timings – daily, weekly or monthly – fit these into your marketing to get your more clients!

If you would like to find out more then contact Adrienne McLean on or ring on 0414 367 960. The Daily Marketing Routine for Business Success can really help you with implementing these easy marketing steps.  Contact Adrienne for more details and you can attend our Marketing Information Forums where you can ask those niggling questions about marketing.

Why we love marketing ( and you should too!! )

Business Professionals who are in the service of others, will be skilled at what they do , focused on their clients needs but struggle to promote themselves.

In fact, in some cases, Business Professionals can even hate marketing and selling and put it off time and again in preference to promoting their business.

Clearly, this will not help your business and the growth and development of the business will be at jeopardy.

So, how can this be turned around?  How can the Business Owner start to enjoy marketing the business and see the success that has been desired for so long?

To enjoy marketing and seeing growth in a business, the essential tool a business owner needs is a system to follow to generate business growth. The system I recommend to my clients is BookYourselfSolid, a tried and proven marketing system designed for Service Professionals to get more clients.

We believe that there are certain people you are meant to serve and others, well not so much. So It is your job, to go out there are reach the people you are meant to serve. ( That is done by doing your marketing not by putting it off!)

We also believe, that BookYourselfSolid is a love story disguised as a marketing system. It is a love story between you and all the aspiring clients you are meant to serve ( not in a weird way!). And its a love story between you, the Business Owner, and the whole concept of marketing.

Why? Because if you are having such a great time serving the people you are meant to serve, then you will want to do more – to do that you will want to do more marketing so you can serve more of the people you are meant to serve.

The third point, we believe, is that marketing actually doesn’t get you clients. Marketing raises awareness of your business and its what happens after people become aware of you that books the business. So this means Business Owners need a well established system in place to gather those enquiries, keep in touch, build a relationship and trust with them so that when the time is right the enquiry will contact you. Business owners need to also have their pricing appropriate and be able to have sales conversations, if all this is in place and working, they will book the business. And , it happens again and again and again.

So, now you know, why we love marketing, how marketing actually works and the important principles needed to be understood to book the business and get more clients.

Business Professionals go out and find those clients you are meant to serve!

If you would like to find out more then contact Adrienne McLean on or ring on 0414 367 960. You can attend our Marketing Information Forums where you can ask those niggling questions about marketing.

3 Essential Things about Marketing

There’s so much going on with marketing. There’s been huge changes in the methods used to market a business but funnily enough the fundamentals are the same.

There’s an enormous amount of noise – coming at business owners – from many directions and it is truely a challenge to filter through the noise to find out what is going to work for you and what can left on the side.

The 3 Essential Things about Marketing that can help you with this filtering process are:

  1. Marketing raises awareness of your business
    But its what happens next that will book the business. Not that you’ve done a huge amount of marketing – what happens is that potential buyers find out about you – through you’re marketing – then they come and check you out. The buyers ask “Can this business solve my problems?” If the answer is “Yes” then they will give an opportunity to earn their trust. When the timing is right for the buyer – and you have kept building a relationship with that buyer – then you will be “front of mind” – if you have your pricing right and can have a simple sales conversation – then you will book the business.
  2. Who are your Ideal Clients? 
    Who do you want to work for? Who energises you and inspires you to do your best work? You want to work with these people – right?
    Who drains the energy from you and challenges you every step of the way? These are the people you don’t want to work with – right again?
    It is your job to go out into the world, targeting a sector of the market place to find these people who you are meant to serve. These people will energise you and motivate you to do more marketing as you love what you do!
  3. Having a systematic approach will save you time and money –
    If you are a Service Provider, your main focus is on your clients ,however, it is important that you are regularly doing your marketing because generating new clients is essential – you might be busy now but if your audience isn’t constantly reminded about you and your business then they will forget and look elsewhere – so its important no its essential to have a systematic way of getting more clients.
    That’s where Adrienne can help with the powerful marketing system “BookYourselfSolid” – Adrienne McLean is a certified BookYourselfSolid Marketing coach – BookYourselfSolid is a systematic way of getting more clients – even if you hat marketing and sales conversations!
    By having a systematic method of getting more clients – it takes the stress out of knowing what to do next – you will know where to find your clients, have a clearly defined product range, know and understand your target market and who are your ideal clients and you will have a clearly defined foundation. So when you do your marketing , we call “Six Core Self Promotion Strategies” , you will be secure that your marketing efforts will have a significant impact planting seeds for the future and getting you more clients.

So by considering these 3 Essential Things about Marketing – it will really assist you to filter though all the noise and choose what will help you with growing and developing your business.

If you would like to find out more then contact Adrienne McLean on or ring on 0414 367 960. You can attend our Marketing Information Forums where you can ask those niggling questions about marketing.

Why work with us?

We know what it’s like to not have enough clients and to worry about paying the rent.  We understand what it is like to be clueless about how to find our clients on a consistent basis.  So we rolled up our sleeves and learned a fool proof system – Book Yourself Solid.  We are passionate about teaching that same system to our clients in a way that not only builds their business but has them falling in love with marketing and sales. 

And because we love small businesses and understand the need to have systems for everything, we help you develop a way to consistently market while being able to serve the clients you have.  Consistent marketing + systems and processes = a great business.  That’s what we are all about, helping you bring your dreams into reality.  Less sleepless nights worrying about how to get clients or how to service the ones you have.  And more fun in everything you do.

When you work with me you will:

  • Learn how to implement Book Yourself Solid – a proven marketing system to attract all of the clients you want.
  • Get clear on the systems and processes you need to continue to market, serve the clients you have without dropping the ball and still have time to enjoy your life.
  • Fall in love with marketing and sales.
  • Learn how to have time to work on your business.
  • Develop systems in your business that means you can actually take that vacation you have been dreaming of.