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What’s The Big Idea?

What’s The Big Idea?

In a business, it seems standard to have an idea of what you are selling, but the big companies know TO WHOM they are selling. It is very common for businesses to have a business goal or mantra on a website that says something along the lines of…

“We at (insert business name) are committed to giving the finest (insert product or service) by giving you hardworking professionals and quality of service. We help with (insert areas of value) that is what we promise to you”

That is a business goal, but in the marketing world, that is not the big idea. The big idea is generating an idea to a specific target audience that reminisces with them so strongly, that the idea can be carried for years and even decades.

So finding the big idea is incredibly elusive. That is because you have to be incredible at being both analytical and creative. The analytics involve understanding your consumer and the creative is finding a unique way in which you can market your product that resonates with consumers based on what you have analysed about their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

You have to study your target audience and their lifestyle.

  1. What makes their day?
  2. What positive emotion do they feel is missing from their life?
  3. What negative emotion do they want to get rid of?
  4. When will they use the product or service?
  5. Why would they use the product or service?
  6. What things are competitors doing that you are not?
  7. How can you differentiate yourself with a unique selling proposition that hits customers to their very core?

After that, you have to get creative and present your product in a unique way that addressed everything that you researched.

Since your marketing depends on how your selected target audience behaves, you have dig deeper than demographics and stereotypes. You have to understand what it is at the heart of everything that they most desire. The whole aim for you as a business is to make your target audience believe that something is missing in their life and that your product is that answer.

A simple example is that a person wants running shoes, they go to Nike, why do they go to Nike? I don’t have that exact answer for you, but Nike does. So what’s the big idea? They know what drives their audience. You can argue Nike targets people that aspire to be great or want to have a fitter, more active and healthier life. They strive for the emotional desire for determination, success and the sense of accomplishment. Nike stimulates this in consumer’s mind better than New Balance, Reebock, Adaias, or any other shoe brand and that makes them the market leaders in shoes.

Note that I did not mention the quality of the shoe? That is because that is not the big idea. The big idea is finding what truly matters to people in a way that sticks to them and stays there.

How do you know that you have hit the big idea? You may make yourself a checklist on what attributes constitute a big idea, such as transcending cultural boundaries, and having positive word or mouth but most importantly, it must hit the consumer in a big and meaningful way.

The Big Idea is hard to find. David Ogilvy even said that he had only conjured up 10 big ideas in his entire advertising carrier, but if you find the big idea, your product will be remembered and influence your customers to repurchase your product for decades.

So what is your big ideas for your business?

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