Comenarra Ward – VOTE 1 – Adrienne McLean

Pleased to announce I am running in the Ku-ring-gai Council Elections for 2024 in the Comenarra ward.

My reasons for running are:

1. Ku-ring-gai is a beautiful community, I’m stepping up to do my part to look after and improve our facilities for generations ahead.

2. High on the priority list for Comenarra is the state of Norman Griffith Oval. The planning, project management and subsequent EPA fine has been a highly costly exercise. All against the community views.

3. Being 4th generation Ku-ring-gai resident, it is important to be an agent for improvement and support the community with the facilities they need.
Our town centres are aging, there is no cultural and performance space in Ku-ring-gai, there are a lot of empty shops that affect the vibrancy of the community. By being on council, I can be an agent for improvement.

4. Communication with the community is important. I look forward to being able to represent the Comenarra community. When there are issues, having a representative to speak with council can be of great assistance and support.

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