The STEPS Program

This specialised program gives you support in growing a business. There is information, help with problem solving and skills development, all designed to help professionals succeed.

S upport to get out of “Overwhelme” and grow your business
T ime set aside to work on your business development
E ngaging content to build skills and understanding
P roven processes for growing a Service based business
S uccess – be clear on this for you and focus on working towards your goals

The STEPS Program is a down to earth, practical, getting back to basics approach to help you to move forward. If you’ve been thinking “there must be a better way” , wanting to get more leads, improve market positioning and work on building skills in networking, speaking, video, podcasting, social media plus more, then this program is for you.

How does The STEPS Program work?  

All calls are done using Skype and will be recorded for members who want to catch up later with the call.

  1. On signing up, you have an Introductory, 45 mins consultation with Adrienne McLean
  2. You join The STEPS Program Facebook Closed Groupfor questions and sharing of information with The STEPS Program community
  3. On Mondays at 9am, there is an Introduction Group Call with new members – this is an explanation session on how specifics and background to The STEPS Program. This helps you to get integrated with the program, the creative thinking will start, the ideas will start flowing and you’ll see the STEPS to move forward to get to the next level!
  4. Fortnightly Online Training calls are on Wednesdays at 9am Sydney time –
    Fortnight 1
    Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed –
    Problem Solving Calls
    discussions on continuous improvement approaches and Q & A on challenges being faced.
    Each session has a topic starter.

    Fortnight 2
    BookYourselfSolid – discussions and training on the business building system on specific areas to work on and Q & A on challenges being faced.

    Each session discusses a specific business building topic.
  5. There is a library of interviews and podcasts available covering over 40 topics concerning marketing, digital marketing, sales and mindset.
  6. Mentoring – is optional , you can choose no mentoring, fortnightly or weekly mentoring sessions – depending on your needs. The mentoring helps with integrating The STEPS Program into your business. This can be done on a month by month basis.
  7. Workshops – The STEPS program members are entitled to 15% discount.
    Workshops include:
    Digital marketing for Professionals
    Presentation skills for Professionals
    Effective Speaking to Camera workshop. 

For further information, email Adrienne McLean on or ring on mobile 0414 367 960.