Workshops and Conference

With the work helping entrepreneurs to develop skills to confidently promote themselves and speak about their business with impact, Adrienne McLean enjoys running live events and facilitating workshops. This helps entrepreneurs to not only really learn the work, there is an element of networking with like-minded professionals that really helps cement the concepts through discussion and the experience.

The Professional Services Marketing Conference is a one day, boutique conference specifically designed for B2B Service Professionals to guide them through the business development journey that buyers take from being a prospect to being a client.

Marketing, digital marketing, sales and mindset specialists are sourced for being speakers on the day. So there are opportunities for networking, learning, connecting with professionals who are all focused on growing their business.

If you are interested in being a speaker for the next conference, email Adrienne McLean on or ring on 0414 367 960.

Presentation Skills for Professionals is a one day workshop that helps professionals with confidently putting their ideas in to a presentation and present with impact. How to prepare a presentation, how to handle nervousness, how to keep an audiences attention is discussed and much more.

Effective On-Camera Presenting workshop is designed for professionals who want to utilise video to create products and promote their business. Typically, they have tried to use an iPhone to create video but they don’t like how they present in front of camera.

This workshop takes professionals through the process of creating a video and the trainers help the attendees to present with impact. Presentation skills, assistance with script writing for video, using the autocue and presenting with impact is all covered in this one day program help at Pow Wow Studios at North Sydney.

Technology and Digital Marketing for Professionals is a one day workshop looking at digital tools to help with marketing a business. The business building process is discussed and then the tools are investigated for Customer Relationship Management, Email and Newsletter management, Content Marketing, Social Media , Google Analytics. This is a full day as there is so much to cover.

For more details, ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on