Presentations and Talks

Adrienne McLean, the Founder and Principal marketing and speaking coach, who established The Speaker’s Practice in Australia in 2009.

Adrienne can be contacted on mobile 0414 367 960 or emailed at for more details and bookings.

Adrienne speaks on the business building approaches from business development, marketing, video marketing , online business tools. Also, presentation skills, handling nervousness, and interview skills. For more details, ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on

Adrienne enjoys connecting with the audience and helping with explaining business tools available to help Small to Medium size enterprises to grow their business.

Adrienne speaks on the following topics and presentations can be tailored to the audiences needs.

Increase Your Visiblity – the 6 Ways to Promote

Businesses are always looking for methods to promote their business and help their business stand out – this presentation discusses the need for businesses to innovate – up to date methods and approaches are discussed to promote business using the framework of the 6 Marketing strategies. This presentation will give you ideas and methods for you to keep you business front of mind.

The On-Line World for Business

The way that business is done has changed so much in the last 20 years. Keeping up with technology is essential. This presentation discusses all the ways that “online platforms” are used for day to day running a business. The internet is touching every facet of our working day and keeping up is important.

Video Marketing in Action

If you are interested in using video marketing as one of your marketing strategies then this presentation will give you approaches and concepts that will be able to be implemented immediately. Video marketing is a highly effective approach to connect with your audience and get your business message across. Skills in presenting to camera are important for connecting with your clients.

Presentation Skills – Learn to Love Presenting

Since 2002, Adrienne has had a passion to keep developing her Presentation Skills. By understanding the impact of not having a voice as a child, the impact of nervousness, stage Fright, and then looksthe many areas of Presentation Skills to maximise the impact on your next audience. This presentation gives a marvellous overview of the benefits of developing Presentation Skills.

Getting that Next Job

This presentation looks at what concerns people when looking for that new job , at their strengths, Interview Skills and the top 3 things that need addressing when getting that next job. This is an interactive presentation where the audience gets a chance to discuss real issues.

Carers and Our Society

Adrienne became her father’s Primary Carer 1997. Since 2005, her father has lived with Adrienne’s family – her husband Les and her three children – Paul, Andrew and Elizabeth. Adrienne speaks about the journey of being a carer – its honest, sometimes raw andtalks about the impact of family. This is a story about the Sandwich generation.