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Small Business Month of October

Excited for #NSWGovernment #SmallBusinessMonthOctober.

I owe a lot to #smallbusiness . My parents ran a #speciality electrical engineering #business. They purchased the business and I became a Director at the age of 12 yrs. For a child that is a big thing and I always felt being proud to be part of a business. That business gave me a great upbringing, an education, my first job, it taught me so many things about day to day running of a business.

Also, the business would come home at night. My parents would have some dinner and often would be doing something that needed to be done that couldn’t be done during the day. The weekends always had some tasks to be done, sometimes me and my brother would help. You can’t help but see the pressures, long hours, the importance of customers over our weekend time. Running a business is a huge undertaking.

It is not always easy. There are difficulties, challenges, pressures and business owners are always learning.

The #NSWGovernment #Smallbusinessmonth during October , this is showcasing #Professionals with a variety of #skills and #experience to help Small Businesses. Here’s the link if you want to find out more –

For my work, I help small businesses especially #Serviceprofessionals in three areas:

♦️ #PeoplePersonal Selling – Mentoring and training – Marketing & Content marketing eg Presentations, Public speaking, Speaking to Camera, Podcasting and Online programs

♦️#ProcessMarketing, Sales & Business Development – Understanding the business systems – the #BookYourselfSolid business building system is a systematic approach for getting more clients. Understanding what is happening in the business development process and then implementing approaches that work will bring in more prospects and ultimately clients.

♦️#ProductivityGrowth & Improvement – Looking to always be improving. Continual Improvement can bring in more clients, save and reduce expenses and make the running of the business more efficient.

Looking forward to posting my #programs during #Smallbusinessmonth, look out for them!


Adrienne McLean is a BookYourselfSolid® Certified Coach, SpeakersTrainingCamp® Internationally Accredited Instructor and the Principle of The Speakers Practice. Offering Business Building mentoring, marketing discovery audits, online training programs, Public Speaking for Professionals, Effective On-Camera Presenting workshop and much more.

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