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Interesting Marketing Blogs to follow

Finding content for regular posting on social media can be a challenge, especially if your wanting a strong presence on a specific topic. Posting others blogs shows the topic you are interested in and really shows you are an authorative on this area , knowledgeable about what others are posting. It keeps you and your audience current.

Here are the methods and blogs I follow:

  1. Google Alerts – choose your topic and get regular listing of content online. This is a great method to get content that you can post that’s on your topic of expertise.
  2. BookYourselfSolid Blog – here you will get valuable information on all sorts of areas to do with business but with a marketing focus to help you raise awareness of your business.  BookYourselfSolid coaches and graduates post on their speciality.
  3. The Social Media Examiner is a fabulous resource on digital marketing – this is brilliant to follow , learn about Social Media platforms and how the best handle digital marketing –
  4. For Content Marketing – the Content Marketing Institute has an enormous amount of topics and content – everything to do with content marketing –
  5. For video – REELSEO is excellent – here’s there Youtube channel – every possible topic – an enormous amount to look through –
  6. For online marketing – the Lead Pages guys are experts – lots of training information –
  7. The Inc. Magazine is brilliant –
  8. For more content –! is a curated content –
  9. The Huffington Post is a valuable resource –

Here’s a great selection – it’s good idea to list your own content marketing articles – for your learning and for posting online. Buyers are the most educated they have ever been and this is how they are doing this by looking online and finding out how to do what they desire.

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