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Speaking about achieving goals.

At the beginning of the New Year, we like to make those New Year Resolutions but they have the reputation of getting lost along the way.

There is a way of achieving goals that makes us feel good , as well as, getting the job done!

Break big goals down into multiple, smaller goals. We can create a series of little finish lines making achieving the big goal much more manageable.

If you’re interested in goal setting, then you will have heard of SMART goals.

– Specific

– Measurable

– Achievable

– Realistic

– Time constraint

To actually get the goal achieved, if the Specific Goal is broken down into smaller parts then the large goal is not as daunting and is more manageable.

Then, once the smaller goal is achieved, it is important to celebrate whenever you complete the small goal. Recognising accomplishments, no matter what size, has a big impact increasing motivation and productivity.

Then, you will have a number of celebrations and perhaps enjoy completing the large goal even more!

Test this out!

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You’ve got this!

The days between Christmas and New Year are a great time to take a bit of time out to decide what you want out of the next year.

2020 has shown us that upheavals happen. Expect the unexpected!

However, we can still move forward, with intention about what we want to achieve. Starting the year with intentions helps, goal setting and imagining what we’re wanting from the year.Of course, New Years Resolutions have the reputation for not being achieved.

However, think about your intentions, what you are wanting to achieve, accountability partners really help, if you’re wanting these things, how can you make them happen?

I’m a fan of the incredible writer and author , Steven Pressfield.  Steven’s books , The War on Art and Turning Pro are simply essential reading for any entrepreneur, artist or writer. Anyone who is being creative, finds they are facing time when they are not getting done the things they should or are procrastinating and wants more, needs to read these two books. You can hear the audible version on YouTube – Turning Pro – Audiobook spoken by Steven Pressfield

In your role as an entrepreneur, you are a leader, you are forging new ground, facing things outside of your comfort zone. You are needing to experience learning experiences which might make you uncomfortable or cause you to procrastinate. You may be getting fearful of what may (or may not) happen. Here’s Simon Sinek speaking on the topic of “How to get people to follow you”   Leadership is an important skill.

Take some time out during this quieter time. Ask yourself –

What are my intentions for 2021?

What do you want to achieve in the next 90days, 180 days, year, 3 years ?

How are you going to do this?

You’ve got this!

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Goal Setting for 2021

Yes, it is that time of year!

Time to sit down, reflect over and look at what is to be achieved for 2021.

Most people will agree that 2020 has been an extremely tough year. For so many reasons.

2021 is going to be moving into a new norm. What can we do to thrive ?

Take some time, write down you ambitions and think about how this is going to happen.









Here are 10 questions to consider:

  1.   How do you feel 2020 went ?
  2. What were some of the lessons from 2021?
  3. Check out the Wellness Wheel – what do you identify you’d like to work on personally and professionally?
  4. Do you use plans? How effective is it to make a plan?
  5. Do you like goal setting?
  6. How do setting SMART goals work?
  7. Do you work with 90 day plans?
  8. What are three goals you would like to achieve for 2021?
  9. How can the DEMING cycle help?   PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT
  10. Do you have someone to keep you accountable ?

If you would like to discuss this, contact Adrienne McLean on  and arrange a time. Putting time into your planning and accountabilities will really support your efforts to make this goal a reality.