How does the BookYourselfSolid Marketing system work?

The Speakers Practice – Business Success Strategies Interview – with a specialist in their field – either International or Australian business owners, coaches or trainers. Our guests will be discussing up to date methods and techniques that give ideas that you can implement and enjoy seeing the results. .

The aim of this 30 minute interview is to find out from highly successful experts approaches for building businesses.

For our opening Business Success Strategies interview for 2016, we are thrilled to have Frank Bria, Author, Speaker, Strategist and Scale Expert as our guest. Frank is the author of the incredibly successful book  – Scale – How to Grow your Business by Working Less. 

Being an  entrepreneurial veteran with high-tech and financial services experience, originally from New York and now based in Arizona ,  Frank has helped businesses grow on 4 continents. In addition to marketing and selling himself, he has worked with numerous firms to help them achieve their market penetration goals. Frank knows what works and what doesn’t.

Frank is a Elite BookYourselfSolid® Certified coach – the highest level of excellence within the BookYourselfSolid® School of Coach Training .

Detailed are some amazing approaches to increase your revenue and give valuable marketing strategies.

1. How does the BookYourselfSolid®Marketing system work?
Why is BookYourselfSolid® SO  powerful??

The fundamental principle of BookYourselfSolid® is “You should be working with the people you are meant to be working with” – this is where it starts – its important to understand this concept and apart of the Foundation.

It starts the Trust and Credibility process  – Michael Port says ” You can only sell the amount in proportion to the amount of trust you have learnt.  Who are you serving and what are you doing to help plus how you are building trust and credibility. This all is apart of the BookYourselfSolid®.

2. What is the definition of Marketing the BookYourselfSolid® way?

From BookYourselfSolid® – marketing doesn’t get you clients – marketing gets you attention – they check out your foundation – you get the opportunity to earn trust – then when the time is right – the business can follow.

Building the relationship is incredibly important. The relationships is incredibly important. Systems and process need to be in place.

3. Why are deciding who are Your Ideal Clients SO Important?

Business owners need to work out who they are the people they are meant to work with. This is a challenging task for entrepreneurs. Through the narrowing down of the client profile helps entrepreneurs grow their business. The message needs to be specific enough – displaying credibility to the people you are meant to serve.

4. What are the guidelines for choosing a target market and why is this so important?

When picking a target market – you need to know where your clients are – if you haven’t got specific guidelines for your target market – this is where business problems are started from.

Examples of target markets are described clearly by Frank which give details of areas to look at for both target markets and ideal clients.

5. What is a Strategy that has really helped you grow your business?

Frank Bria highly recommends that business owners define their high ticket item – this defines their business – looking for a high impact item – bringing high value – which means a high charge item.

How do you go out into the market charging really what you are worth? Its about creating value – you are doing so much for someone’s business – that you are valued – Frank trains on this – there is a gift for our guests – see

Here’s the video of our discussion – there are some extremely valuable concepts discussed here to small business owners.