The Two Things needed to Create a Business

Megan Apple is the Chief Making Things Happen Officer of a Virtual Certainty  based in Cleveland Ohio. Our topic for today is “The 2 Things needed to Create a Business”

Over the past 12 years Megan has worked with businesses from lots of different industries. Financial planning firms, real estate development and investment companies,law firms, health care organizations, wellness coaches, life coaches, business consultants, clothing manufacturers, and more. megan has learnt how to understand each individual organization and their industry quickly. And have realized that, regardless of the industry or specialty, all successful businesses are built on a strong platform of systems and processes.

With all Megan’s experience , Megan get to understand individual businesses and the challenges faced quickly. And shares tools, systems and processes that will help save time, money and headaches in building and growing your business.

Megan is a big believer in collaborating with clients and staying around to make things happen. Most importantly, Megan wants clients to succeed. When you work with honesty, directness, lots of tools and strategies, an endless curiosity and a passion for your success – success follows.

We’re going to be discussing some amazing approaches to increase your revenue and give valuable marketing strategies.

1.What is purpose and why is it SO important?

We each have one unique gift – which is our purpose and passionate – when we work from here the fuel and energy is available to be successful.

Its not motivation – purpose and passion are the fuel that drives everything. When working from purpose – it is the thing we must do.

2. How do you find your purpose?

Most of us know it – but often we don’t accept it – Your purpose feels like play – its easy for you –

When you were a child what was your favourite activity?
If you have all the money – what would you like to do?
When you dell the most confident – what is it?

We actually normally know it, but we need to own it – and commit to it –

3. With a business idea – when and how is the viability of a business idea tested?

The best time to test the viability is at the beginning.

A business is an entity that provides a product or service , at a price point that people will pay that allows you to make a profit. That’s what a business is.

The model needs to be tested for viability.

4. How does  a business owner drive prospective clients to the business?

The other crucial thing is “How you are going to sell your services or products”.

You have to create a number of strategies to let people know about the products and services you sell. This is your marketing plan.

By being excited and clear on the service – and your excitement and passion about the business will show – you have to create a plan and creating systems to implement the plan.

There is a connection between your message and purpose –

5. What is a Strategy that has really helped you grow your business?

Relationships – referrals is where most of Megan’s business has come – if I can give value in an authentic way than somehow that comes back in some way. Everything then falls in to place.

If you are interested in completing the Blank Canvas Exercises and discovering your purpose, passion and values, feel free to download it here.  Megan Apple has offered to do a 30 minute focus session for each of our listeners after you have completed the exercises.  If you are interested, send her an email to so that she can schedule a time that works for you.

This is an outstanding exercise – enjoy the process – see –