The 4 P’s to an Implementation Strategy

What makes an Implementation Strategist different to coaches, trainers and even mentors ?

An Implementation Strategist identifies what are the underlying challenges, hurdles and problems being faced by the business and works out strategies with the business owner to grow the business. What differentiates an Implementation Strategist from coaches, trainers and mentors, is they are willing to go the extra mile  and roll up their sleeves and get the jobs done.  Make it happen!

How incredibly supportive and useful to a business owner is having an Implementation Strategist in your court?

So what are the areas that an Implementation Strategist works ?

The main focus of an Implementation Strategist is on business growth.  Utilising multiple areas including a powerful marketing system BookYourselfSolid and a continuous improvement approach along with accountability.

The four areas that the Implementation Strategist will take into account are :

1. People – looking at the support the business owner has to achieve the desired goals.
2. Process – assessing the processes in place (or lack of processes)
3. Productivity – looking at what is being achieved and what needs improving.
4. Profit – assessing the profitability and and areas for growth.

The main focus of an Implementation Strategist is to help the business owner identify strategies and ensures the work gets done. This approach has a strong continuous improvement philosophy of building on what is in place, identifying what is working and what needs addressing and then introducing improvements to increase awareness of the business, increase efficiencies and helping the business run successfully.

The benefits to the business owner are:

  • growth in the bottom line
  • relief in seeing projects completed
  • having time to get their won work done
  • enjoying seeing systems working and supporting the business.
  • And so much more…..

So when you are run off your feet with so much to do, not knowing what to do first, wanting to grow the business but don’t have enough hours in the day. Consider a new approach, call for an Implementation Strategist.

An Implementation Strategist helps professionals to make things happen and move forward. Ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 or email on for more details.