Adrienne Newsletter for May, 2020

With changes in our world changing week by week, it is important to keep up our motivation, focus and keep moving forward to help our clients we are meant to serve.

This week’s Motivation

Our Essential “Keeping in Touch” approach: 
These are simple marketing activities to raise your profile. Instead of being overwhelmed about what to do next. This simple daily checklist can help with starting the day off connecting with clients and prospects to grow your business.
1. Contact at least 3 people of your network every day – 21 people by next Monday!
2. Look for and introduce yourself to 1 new person of influence each day – 5 new contacts by next Monday!
3. Give someone some business – refer and be referred!
4. Create some content – a newsletter, blog, video, vlog , article, eBook
5. Top up your Social Media sharing information of relevance to your audience
Listen in to our podcast series “Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed” 
For some motivation and hearing professionals experience, you can listen in to live interviews on  Friday mornings, 9 – 10am on Triple H 100.1FM.
 Adrienne McLean interviews Professionals for Series 2 of Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed on the theme of “Moving forward after Disruption”. You can listen to past interviews on Mixcloud, Think Bigger, Grow and Succeed
What’s coming up in June?

As Service Professionals running your own business, you may have heard me talking about the BookYourselfSolid®️ business building approach.

Starting 3rd June, I’m going to be running a 6 week BookYourselfSolid®️ Masterclass Intensive. We will be going through step by step through the process so you can put your business into the system, ask questions and really understand the business building approach to getting more clients.

Check out this video about our upcoming intensive. There’s only going to be a limited number of spots so we can really help each business be able to integrate the work into their business. Each session will have training and then a time for Questions and Answers to maximise each session.

f you have any questions about our Masterclass Intensive or you’re looking for some assistance on a specific question, please email me on and I’d be delighted to assist.