Why we love marketing ( and you should too!! )

Business Professionals who are in the service of others, will be skilled at what they do , focused on their clients needs but struggle to promote themselves.

In fact, in some cases, Business Professionals can even hate marketing and selling and put it off time and again in preference to promoting their business.

Clearly, this will not help your business and the growth and development of the business will be at jeopardy.

So, how can this be turned around?  How can the Business Owner start to enjoy marketing the business and see the success that has been desired for so long?

To enjoy marketing and seeing growth in a business, the essential tool a business owner needs is a system to follow to generate business growth. The system I recommend to my clients is BookYourselfSolid, a tried and proven marketing system designed for Service Professionals to get more clients.

We believe that there are certain people you are meant to serve and others, well not so much. So It is your job, to go out there are reach the people you are meant to serve. ( That is done by doing your marketing not by putting it off!)

We also believe, that BookYourselfSolid is a love story disguised as a marketing system. It is a love story between you and all the aspiring clients you are meant to serve ( not in a weird way!). And its a love story between you, the Business Owner, and the whole concept of marketing.

Why? Because if you are having such a great time serving the people you are meant to serve, then you will want to do more – to do that you will want to do more marketing so you can serve more of the people you are meant to serve.

The third point, we believe, is that marketing actually doesn’t get you clients. Marketing raises awareness of your business and its what happens after people become aware of you that books the business. So this means Business Owners need a well established system in place to gather those enquiries, keep in touch, build a relationship and trust with them so that when the time is right the enquiry will contact you. Business owners need to also have their pricing appropriate and be able to have sales conversations, if all this is in place and working, they will book the business. And , it happens again and again and again.

So, now you know, why we love marketing, how marketing actually works and the important principles needed to be understood to book the business and get more clients.

Business Professionals go out and find those clients you are meant to serve!

If you would like to find out more then contact Adrienne McLean on adrienne@adriennemclean.com or ring on 0414 367 960. You can attend our Marketing Information Forums where you can ask those niggling questions about marketing.